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Half-Way Done

Hello Hello.

Long time no see! Guess what!! I have a lot to say but don’t worry, I will get to it pretty soon; but before that.. Haappppyyy Diwali!!!! I will try my best to not sound like a female devdas-i drowned in the melancholy of dramatic long distance relationship intoxicated with alcohol, sad movies and one who seeks nothing but the embrace of a loved one paired with good food and delicious memories. Uuufff.. ok enough of that sad stuff now.. 

Diwali is and has always been my favorite festival. I get this weird energy in me during Diwali..but guess what, this year, I learnt the importance of family and having your loved ones by your side when good things happen. Btw, have you watched that movie ‘Into the Wild’? If you haven’t, you should.. He says, ‘Happiness is only real when shared’ and I never understood that until now. I have been living alone for a while now, because husband dearest has been in India..but don’t worry..he will be back next week.. yay! but, back to the main point. I understood the importance of that happiness and sharing thingy after I actually experienced it. 

I didn’t want to finish editing the book because I didn’t want to be alone when I had the book in my hand. I know you’d be like, ‘Sheekha, that is so stupid’..but yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. I have this newfound respect for all the single people living alone out there. You guys and gals are amazing. I bow down to you. I imagined what it’d be like holding the book in my hand and being ALONE! It was bad and super sad.. but anyways thanks to a few lovely friends of mine who knocked some sense into me, I finished editing and YAY!!!! I have sent the book to the editor!! Woohoo!!! Another milestone crossed and I am halfway done!!! (tada) (insert teenmaar beat here)

As per my timeline, I am officially 52% done !! Half the battle is done!! and wait wait..even before you start feeling happy for me, I have to tell you that, NOW, I’m officially scared af!! 

I know the hardest part is over.. I was able to write 19000 words but that was the easy part for me..I can write..I write when I am happy and I write when I am sad, but this next 50% is what is scaring the heck out of me..You know I love to be I don’t wanna hide anything from you guys..You all have been a part of my journey from the beginning and I can’t lie.. So….I have absolutely zero idea about sales, marketing and book production. People tell me I will be just fine.. but tbh, I have no idea how I will handle the next 50% of the journey.. I am learning a lot though. 

Social media marketing is tough. If you are into sales/marketing or social media management, please feel free to reach out to me because I need you guys now 🙂 

Oh btw, I have a special news. Obviously, you know me by I will let you know in my next email..but…I love the suspense and I love reading all your responses on Instagram whenever I say ‘guess what is coming’..and THAT is more exciting than the actual news, because the answers are entertaining. 😀 😀 hehehehe. 

Also, we are a family of 140 plus people now. Can you believe that???
THANK  YOU each one of you.. I love you guys. 

I sent out a survey to all the badass women working in tech and I was surprised reading the responses. I will start sharing them on my Instagram profile, but it was shocking to know that majority of them think that the main reason behind women not joining the tech world is due to family commitments and responsibilities.

I wish I can do something about never know..I might..but until then, thank you for supporting me all through this. 

Reading your responses, your texts and your suggestions gives me enormous strength. You might have no idea but just that single line that says ‘Good job Sheekha’, makes a huge difference. 🙂 

I hope you guys had a wonderful Diwali. I have a simple message for everyone reading this..

You are enough. You are awesome and never let anyone think that you are less in any way. I have told this a 100 times and I will say it again..


You only have 1 life..make the most out of it and live without any regrets. 🙂 : )

Stop with the what ifs… 🙂 You are way more amazing than you think you are. 

Cheers to a great year ahead and cheers to good friends and family who pick you back up when you need them the most. Cheers to everyone who stayed with you through good and  bad. Those are the ones you should keep an eye on. 

I got a lot of time to think in the past few days and I hope you get a chance to do the same.

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine where you’d want to see yourself in 2040 and work towards it. Period. 

No excuses, no blame game, no regrets. Do it. Do what you love and do it for yourself. Do it so that when you look back, in 2040, you will be proud of yourself irrespective of what the world thinks about you. Nobody is perfect. I know the world is a bitchy place but what are you going to do about it? 

Will you change or will you give in? 

It is all YOU. 

Stay safe.
Here’s to embracing awkwardness with my chipped nail paint, vulnerability and keeping it real!! Cheers!! 

Signing off,
Sheekha Singh
InExAcT as always. 

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  1. Your capacity for word power is amazing. Good going, I will try to help you with your publication. Like it the way you are enjoying your ‘elbow space’ .All the best.

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