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I am a published award winning writer, freelance copy writer and a tech blogger. I have written tech blogs for tech organizations like Tech Target, SheCanCode and many other renowned organizations. This section is a collection of my posts that have been published on various platforms online. #tech #technology.

Using Jira for Scrum Teams
Organizing, maintaining, and managing an agile team can be huge, complicated work. Learn how you can use Jira with your team to more easily and continuously deliver quality software to customers and clients.
Are Tech Certifications worth it
Are you considering taking a tech certification in 2022? Make sure to give Sheekha’s latest piece the things you need to consider when planning the next step in your career development.
SRE vs. DevOps: Comparing Roles in Engineering
Some companies use these two roles interchangeably, but there can be distinct differences. Let’s compare SRE and DevOps roles, highlighting pay, responsibilities, and experience required.
Writing a Software Testing Plan That Scales
Creating a simple test plan does not necessarily guarantee better results; creating a scalable software testing plan should be the ultimate goal. And, with an increase in the number of releases, creating a scalable test plan is necessary. 
How Technical should I be to get into a Tech Company?
In our latest blog from our regular contributor, Sheekha Singh – one of the biggest questions in tech is answered. How technical do you need to be to get into a tech company? The answer: not as technical as you might think.
The Importance of a Scrum Master
In this latest piece, Sheekha Singh delves deep into helping us understand why having a Scrum Master on the team is necessary for the success of a project in the agile world.
10 Non-coding IT/Tech Jobs
There has never been enough awareness about tech in the past few years. Everybody tells you that tech is a great field to get into, but nobody points out the multiple options available for people who don’t want to code.
5 things to think about before switching IT career paths
While switching areas of expertise in IT can be interesting and financially beneficial down the road, it’s important to have the right mindset and a realistic plan to fill in your skills gap.
Why Tech is more than just Coding
In this blog, Sheekha Singh helps debunk the myth that the tech industry is only for men, geeks, and nerds. She goes on to share with us different examples of careers in tech, that don’t involve having to code
Millennials and Software Testing
It is a known fact that this generation embraces automation. There is no doubt that automation will cut costs, but only when combined with a strategy that supports the organization’s business model. 
How COVID-19 reminds us about the importance of Black Swan events in IT
Black Swan events are rare, but they cause great havoc to not only information systems but every other industry as well. An expert system is a piece of software that is programmed using artificial intelligence techniques
Social Networking and Smart Women
I strongly believe that these platforms should be extensively used and young students should be encouraged to explore various technical groups, which would result in more number of girls choosing computers as their career field.

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