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My Big Secret is Finally Out

Hello Hello Hello.

Dear Reader, 
Hii!! How are you doing? I have a very very very very important news to share and I know all of you have been waiting eagerly to know what that is., I am not pregnant. 
I know that I have been dying to tell everyone about it. 


Before we get to that part..a little something about my new life. (OOooo that sounded fancy and hippie right?)

It has been 10 days that we moved to our new apartment in Kitchener, Ontario and I am happy about it. I took a poll on Instagram and asked your opinion on used vs new furniture and I was surprised to see the responses. Needless to say, I went with what’s good for the environment and went with second hand couch and lamp and thrifted some beautiful vintage chairs and tables.

Ooooo..btw husband finally got a huge ass TV to play his games on, and I got my plants yyyayyy 😛 😛 (no..just kidding .. I got a new rug..I’m really into jute and boho style these days)

Although, I did buy plants on the very first day. 😛 😛 Can’t wait to fill this place up with plants. 

Oh also, we finished all our paperwork and everything was a breeze. Both of us were super impressed at how easy and fast the whole immigration process of Canada was, post landing. We have our license, our health card and everything was ready and delivered within 2 weeks. 

Also, I met my classmates from college before leaving Toronto and it was super fun. They picked us up and made some yummy food for us. It was a nice evening. You seriously never know who you might end up meeting after 10 years. 

Soooo…now…back to the main point..  

Eeeeeee…..I am kinda scared and kinda excited and I don’t know, it is a mixed feeling. 

It doesn’t make sense right…

But anyways.. here it is.. 

Remember how I told you that I was on this goal of practicing what I this huge news is a result of that. I often find myself telling people to do what they like and I, was actually not doing that. So, one day I finally decided and went for it. Just did it… 

I know it might seem crazy but it is happening!!!!! I never ever thought I’d be saying this..but here I am.. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introverts and Extroverts, Friends & Followers, Colleagues and whoever you are or however you know me.. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 

I am writing a book!!!!!!!!!! 

I know it is crazy right!!? I finished my rough draft and they say writing is just 25% of the work done. Can you believe that? Amidst the crazy move to Canada, full time job, life and everything else, I managed to finish my rough draft!! 

I am super happy. 

But there is a lot more work to do now. If everything else goes as planned, then my book will be out by 1st or 2nd week of December.

I know you are thinking what the book is about.

The book is about debunking myths and helping young women choose a career in IT. Everyone thinks IT is only about coding and I wrote it in such a way that young girls and/or parents, working women can read this and decide which job suits them the most. I have a list of all the jobs that do not involve coding and then, I go on to say why we need more women in technology. 

I was thinking about it one day and after speaking to few of my friends, I realized that there has never been enough awareness about Tech in the early stages. Everyone just knows that it is a great field to get into, but heck, I didn’t know what all domains were present and that it was okay to not know how to write software and still have a wonderful career in IT. 

Nobody told us about this when I was in high school and was getting ready to apply for universities. All everyone spoke about was the IT guy or developers but that is wrong at so many levels. Tech is a vast field and there are so many departments that contribute to the success of an application that are equally important. 

For example: You could be amazing at writing software but if you cannot market it, nobody would know it.
Who knew Social Media strategist or Social media marketing would be actual jobs.

Imagine how this will change after 15 years. 

Simon asked me why just girls..and I showed him the horrific numbers of Women working in IT and personally, I feel every girl has the right to earn and to earn WELL and be independent. My mother must have forced me to get into IT, but now at this point, I am glad she did, because I realized the importance of money, career, growth and stability. 

I am not a developer, but I love my job and even though it doesn’t pay much, I am happy with the way I have designed my life and it is because of this, that I now know what I am good at and which field I would excel in. 

It took me 6 years to know but, if someone would have told me, ‘Hey, know you can have a career in IT without being a developer’, I would never have felt weird about being forced to take up Computer Science during my Bachelors. 

I changed my course and my path and I like what I do. I knew I liked to speak, so I worked towards it and now I am being invited to speak at international tech conferences. I like to write and I found a way to do that too and I married tech into my writing. 

I don’t want any other girl to realize what she is good at after 6 years of trial and error, and I hope this book would help someone find what they are good at, find an ideal position that they would love and excel financially and mentally with job satisfaction and a great work-life balance. 

So, yeah here it is.. I am scared about it but excited too. 

As always, I am very grateful to all of you for being a part of my huge step..and thank you for all the encouragement and support. 
N.Divya.. thank you..for listening to me rant about how I wanted to do something and your guess and timing was right. 🙂 🙂 

I know this might sound cheesy, but as soon as I finished my rough draft, I hugged Simon and I actually cried. lol. 
I know ssuuppeer cheesy 😛 

Again, I need all your support going forward to market my book and at every other stage going forward.

I love all 97 of you in my email list bro!!!  
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Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Here’s to embracing awkwardness, being kind and keeping it real!! (Cheers)
Here’s to working towards dreams and turning them into reality. 

Signing off,
InExAcT as always. 

2 thoughts on “My Big Secret is Finally Out

  1. Yes here you go!!

    I motivate all my friends and family girls/women with the same line —I feel every girl has the right to earn and to earn WELL and be independent.

    Like seriously, I got some time out today and read this… the first thought that crossed my mind is wow! There is women in my network who is much aligned to my thoughts as well.🙂

    Waiting to read the book! Good luck Sheekha.


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