Heelllloooooo!!!! I’m Sheekha Singh.

IMG_20160625_205512I am a 25 year old who loves to write. I write about random stuff that pops up in my mind. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. I love travelling, reading and drinking coffee. One day, as I was going through my book, I realized that it is time I had a proper site of my own and that’s how ‘The Rustic Spirit’ was born. I like people and listening to their stories. I love planning trips and visiting new places. When I’m not working, I am either reading books or planning my next trip. Not a huge fan of shopping or fashion, but grey, black and whites are my all time favorites.

I’ve lived in 3 continents and visited 19 states in America. Visited a number of cities in India and wish to travel more.

Fun Fact: I technically drowned in the Atlantic Ocean for a minute.

I have a Masters degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. (U.S.A). Currently working as a QA Engineer. Speaker at various technical conferences and founder of an NGO in India. I also write for ‘Odyssey’, an online magazine. Odyssey gives people the opportunity to share what’s most important to them and their communities, enriching everyone with broader, more honest perspectives on topics they care about. Previously, I wrote a couple articles for Campus Diaries and Hyderabad Beats. Basically, passionate about a lot of things. 😉

In short, writer by passion and an engineer by profession.

To know more about me, check out my profile here

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheekhasingh