The IT Girl
3 Steps to Find Career Options for Young Women in Tech
An Award winning book that is a simple guide to raising awareness
about Information Technology and
help young adults find a career in the tech world.

Winner – Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards 2021 Technology/Engineering Category

My Story

Sheekha Singh graduated with a Master’s Degree from the United States of America and started working in the IT industry from 2013. She has self-published her first award winning book ‘The IT Girl‘.

Sheekha has addressed different issues in the tech world through her speaking engagements at international tech conferences.

She is now dedicating her time to generate awareness about IT/Tech in the younger generation.

Her goal is to see a substantial growth in the number of young girls choosing careers in IT/Tech, worldwide, in the next few years.

Read more about Sheekha here.

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