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Ey Mowgli to Ey Writer

Hello Hello Hello.

Dear Reader, 
The author of this letter hopes you are in the pink of health and doing fairly well in all your endeavours. If you find the tone of the modern letter suspicious then please be informed that the writer is experiencing a phenomenon called ‘Bridgerton Hangover’. Hhahahaaha. Ok back to 2021. How are you all doing? and if you haven’t watched Bridgerton yet, watch it and thank me later. (uufff Simon Basset!!) 

Now that I have come out of drooling over Rege-Jean Page, I am willing to share with you some exciting updates. It is Sunday, Jan 31st 2021 and as I sit on my grey couch, sipping locally brewed Canadian beer and drafting this email, I am forced to contemplate my journey thus far.

It was my cousin’s 15th birthday and I posted a picture on my personal Instagram page from back then. Dude, seriously, 90s kids were so weird. At least, I know I was. Puberty did a great job with me..or I’d like to think

I come across this picture of my birthday with my cousin beside me and I realize that I was 15 in that picture. So, on one hand I have a recent picture of my teenage cousin and on the other screen I am staring at my 15 year old self.

I’ll be honest with you, I felt like puking on my picture, but you know what #nobodyshaming lol. So, I post that picture, and my mom calls me up and the first thing that she says to me is…this.. “Ccchheeeeee, look at you in that picture…Look at how you were in your teenage and look at this cousin..she looks so pretty..!! Nobody would say you are my daughter.. You were so skinny and you don’t even look like a girl!!!” 
(btw cchheee is the indian version of Eeeewwwwwwwww)

Hashtag body-shaming/face-shaming/personality-shaming at its peak!!!!!!! by your own mother!!!! uuugghhh!

Ok, forget this..I thought my mom is from a different generation so she wouldn’t get it, but then I hear my phone buzz and I see a WhatsApp notification. As it is, I felt miserable, but you know how friends are…

I tap the notification and I see that it is a group text and a very close friend of mine, posts a screenshot of that picture in the group, tags my husband (because you all know he is chances are, he wouldn’t have seen that picture on my Instagram), and says ‘Simon, check this out, this is hilarious! This pic is just epic.’ -_- -_-  -_- -_-  -_- :/ :/ :/ :/
(Thanks Pavani!!) 

Ok. Ok. I get it. Laugh all you want.. Fine. Whatever… 

But.. but..but.. but… you know how I realized that I had transformed??  

I reached out to a couple of close friends this past week and the first thing I heard from them was, ‘Eeeyyy author!!!!, Wasssuupp!!’ and that’s when I knew my dice rolled a 6 and I climbed a ladder in the game of snake and ladders..because my greeting went directly from ‘Eeeeyyy Mowgli’…to ‘Eeyyy Writer!!!’


I love it though..I love all my friends..but you know what the most favourite(I added the ‘u’ because I’m in Canada now) part was??? 

The minute I revealed my book cover, I received so many notifications and messages!! I was SHOCKED to see the response from you all and I literally …I kid you not..literally had goose bumps!!!!

I couldn’t sleep that night..So many of you shared the cover and those words.. I am seriously at a loss of phrases.. 
That night..I wished I knew a better phrase other than ‘THANK YOU’. 

I don’t know if there is any other word stronger than THANK YOU..but on a serious note, I THANK YOU ALL!!! 

That night made me realize, that I was NOT ALONE.. It made me confident and I felt like I could take on the whole world. To all those who shared my cover and spread the word….I have only one thing to say to you.. 

THANK YOU!!!!! times infinity. 

BTW, I was going through Dry January…so I couldn’t drink but, last weekend was special and you’ll know why, later..but just so you know, I drank last weekend and this weekend too..

You know how chics get emotional and romantic when they are drunk, I on the other hand was thankful because, I was talking about all you guys and girls who shared my book cover. I never ever dreamt in my wildest dreams that I would ever have such amazing support and I am super thankful for that.. 

So, again… 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how that one action affected me. I had friends and colleagues pre-order my book and that was just the cherry on top. 

I shared a snippet of my progress and my colleague said, ‘You should frame that sh#t and don’t give me the crap that you are not famous anymore.’ 
LOL.. I am NOT famous Josh 😉 

Another wonderful friend of ours posted a write up on FB about me and Simon and pre-ordered my paperback.. and I was on cloud 9. We love you Kelly!!! (btw Kelly and Jason Mulkey are the coolest parents we’ve ever met. They are #goals) 

Sara Kemp Mooney, a very good friend of mine, posted a lengthy write up about me and I was literally in tears when I read it.. She made ME cry..Can you imagine IT…???!!! That’s the post that you see on my Instagram page. THANK YOU SARA!!!!!! I will no longer make fun of your spice tolerance 😉 😉 😉 😉 

Apurva Chimbili… she is amazing!! Her journey is mind blowing and she called me out on her stories and it was so humbling.. Thankss Apurva!!!!! I love you!! you are the epitome of kindness!!

All I’m trying to say is that these little actions make a huge impact. That tiny share button and comment button literally makes/breaks someone’s day. Your comment, your thought, your feedback plays a huge with that said, I am still going to make sure that I torture you with my aimless sales/promotions till I can no longer do it..

I will be fact, super happy if you purchase my ‘Paperback’ through Amazon on Feb 7th 2021 and leave a review. That counts a lot. That says a lot… 7 days, buy your copy of my book, ‘The IT Girl’ and give me your honest feedback.. 

I can’t wait.. If you all saw my video then you know how excited I am..but I don’t know what I’d do on 7th Feb. I think I should apply for a leave on 8th Feb..but we’ll see..

I will keep you updated on how it feels to see your dreams turn into reality and I’ll let you know exactly how I feel..because you all deserve to know.. You all have been a part of my journey from Mowgli to Writer and you have to know how this ends up..

I love you all!!! Thank you for supporting me..and thank you for everything, 

Before I say bye bye, Pls Pls Pls Pls..order your copy of the paperback on Feb 7th bruh!!! Check out my blog for more updates.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Here’s to embracing awkwardness, being kind and keeping it real!! (Cheers) !! 

Signing off,
Sheekha Singh
InExAcT as always. 

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  1. Hi Sheekha
    It was so great to check out your book on Amazon when my mom (Usha Singh Bangalore ) sent me the book cover. I am overjoyed that someone from the extended family has made a global impact . It’s just awesome and amazing and so very inspirational. All the best for every book to come❤️.

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