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Social Networking and Smart Women

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The buzzword today is Social Networking. We use this platform to showcase talents in every field. It is a must, to be updated with latest inventions and discoveries. Social networking sites have helped to prove the world, that women are not behind in any race and statistics have shown that there has been an increase in the number of women users on these sites than men. I strongly believe that these platforms should be extensively used and young students should be encouraged to explore various technical groups, which would result in more number of girls choosing computers as their career field.

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I had presented a paper last year at the Missouri Iowa Nebraska Kansas- Women in Computing conference and someone had asked me,”How do you think this is possible through Social Networking Sites?” Well, here are few steps that each one of us could implement almost daily, to increase awareness and interest among young girls, towards computing.

  • Innovate to impact the world. I believe innovation is the key and can be used to help students understand a complex computing concept in an easier fashion.
    (I still remember, my professor who taught Computer Organization at school, asked us to imagine a semiconductor in the shape of a small chocolate cookie, and everyone in my class, remembers that reference till date)
  • Start various groups (big or small). Seminars and discussions should be conducted in schools. Use groups on Social networking sites to promote IT as a career choice for girls.
  • Spread awareness. Share posts on technology and make sure it reaches the target audience. Encourage them to invent/discover new things.
  • Talk. Talk to girls and know what is stopping them from choosing this career. Suggest them to join these technical groups and to explore the realm of technology.

I personally feel that social media could be very powerful to educate youngsters. I am ready to support every initiative taken by a girl towards IT.

Are you?

-Sheekha Singh
InExAcT as always.

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  1. every things need starts ,i am try to begin my future planning ,so my strengh is that helping positively people with what i can that need help.

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