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Are You Ready To Be The Change?

I have always heard innumerable times that this world need some sort of change. Each one of us has our own problems. Some share it and some don’t. World peace, poverty, terrorism, corruption, and unemployment are few of the crucial problems that need attention. They say children need good education as they are tomorrow’s citizens.

I have a huge doubt here. I ask this to the elders and to the the whole world. Are you ready to give a chance to prove what we youngsters can do? You want us to be responsible and think about the future of the country and the future of the world but how is this possible if the minimum age is 35 something to join a political party? If I wish to change the world with my ideas without being corrupt, right here, right this moment, are you ready to hand over the system to me? The system is corrupt they say and who makes it corrupt I ask? It is us.

If we need a change, why aren’t we ready to accept any small change? Teachers taught me to be the change but how can we youngsters be the change if no one supports us and trusts our ideas? Yes, there is technology, there is comfort, there are apps and there is stress. You wanted us to complete school, go to college, excel in sports, participate in co-curricular activities, fall in love, get married and have children. Now where do you expect me to work towards changing the future of the country or the world? Do I make you happy by following all this or do you want me to take the road less taken and make a change. Would you be happy if I was a part of this ‘system’ that you constantly criticize? All of the lectures and political speeches and reforms make no sense if the age limit starts from 35 yrs. I would lose that passion that a youngster has by the time I reach that stage.

“My blood boils every time I read about a terrorist attack. I hate the fact that the poor are still poor and the rich get richer. The gap increases. I feel bad when I look at girls who are not fortunate enough to go to school and study like I do. I think about people who do not have food to eat and it gives me creeps. I ask, what use is this technology if you can’t feed the hungry and you can’t teach the illiterate?”

You want to send people to Mars. Why waste money on sending people elsewhere when you could spend that on improving health and lifestyle of people on our very own planet?

I have all these thoughts and many more but would you listen?

I have all these ideas but would you give me a chance to prove myself? I do not want to wait until I am 35 to get into the political system and wait 10 more years to be elected as someone’s leader, because by then the youngster in me would be dead. Million others who are suffering will be dead and this cycle will continue, because we are young, reckless and fearless, so nobody will give us a chance and everything goes back to square one.

So, are you ready to be the change ?

InExAcT as always.

Originally posted on Sep 9th, 2016

One thought on “Are You Ready To Be The Change?

  1. Yes, many are Ready like me.
    Further am interested to take a step ahead to Resolve all.
    Infact this is what I wanna live.
    Even had planned plenty of ideas.
    Working upon few,
    Need money to make it more effective.

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