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To All 20-Somethings

Warning: Strictly for 20 something people 😉


I have always watched people crumble and stand up. I have watched people change and I have watched them grieve over a loss and come out of it gradually. Young people who are mostly 20 something, go through a wave of unusual variety of emotions and fluctuations. I wonder what it’d look like if everyone was happy with what they do.

First of all, remember that every single person is different. There could be friends of yours who are tall, dark and handsome, or fair, lovely and hot, and you might notice that you are nothing like them and it is OK to not belong to any of those categories. It is ok if you do not fit into this cruel society. You get to decide what you are and that is the one and only thing in this whole wide world that makes you beautiful and amazing. This fast paced world demands individuality. Be your own self.


You do not need validation from someone else. Eat what you feel like. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Color your hair purple, get 10 tattoos, dance like nobody is watching and do things that make you feel like you are worth it. It is rightly said that, if you don’t invest in yourself then no one will. Failures, heart breaks are all worth it, because when you find the right person, you will know what to look for. Don’t settle for less because you are special.


No time is the right time. Friendship, love and work are all dissimilar. It is perfectly fine if you suck at your work. Find a new one. If you are 20 something and you know you are passionate about a thing, then do it. I love people who are passionate about their dreams. The way they explain their concepts and ideas shows how much it matters to them. Don’t give up on anything too soon. Some things might come in a good package but the contents might be rotten. Exchange the package. It is never too late. 😉 Take risks. There would be 2 results if you take a risk, because there is no grey here. You would either fail or you would end up living your dream. Don’t compromise. You just have this one life. Stop overthinking and fretting about small things. If a fish was asked to climb a tree, it would obviously suck at it but on the other hand it just does fine in the water. Be special. Go out, hang out, or don’t hang out. If you are an extrovert, then enjoy your space and peace, enjoy what you do. It is ok to not be PERFECT. There are flaws everywhere. Look around you. Everyone has got a story. I know you too have a story. It is ok if you sucked at being a good daughter or a son, you still have time to make up. It is ok if you are a boring person. It is ok if you are a hyper active, cheerful person. You are awesome the way you are.


Just be yourself. Don’t depend on others to make you happy or sad. Don’t let someone else act like they own you. Do what your mind tells you to do. Follow your gut, your instinct and own it. Smile and accept the way you are because YOU love it. Don’t let it bother you if they say you are fat or skinny. The world will never stop minding their own business. It is not necessary that everyone has the same perception. Each of us have a different perspective. Things always won’t work out the way you want them too. Something that was yours yesterday might not be yours tomorrow. Deal with it. Nothing is permanent, no, not even your tattoos 😉 Deal with it. People come and go, but it is your responsibility to find the ones that would be by your side always, apart from your family. If your friends are not by your side when you need them the most or if your friends do not understand how imperfectly perfect you are, then they are NOT your friends.

So, don’t be upset. This is the age to figure out and don’t worry if you cannot figure it out. It will eventually fall into place. Just do what you feel is right. Connect with what you really want. Travel often. Read as much as you can. Be passionate. Don’t let that fire fade away. This is the perfect time to be confused and curious. Just go with the flow. 😉 Enjoy your 20s.

Life is not going to be as easy as a cup of warm coffee and a good book, but making it simple is your choice. I am with all those people out there who have always been told to do stuff. I am with all those who are lost. I know there are times when no one gets you and it is perfectly fine. Don’t let others tell you what you got to do. Go out there and prove it to them. Be bold and speak up for yourself. I’m with you if you feel discouraged. I am with you, if you feel low. Let it go. Learn to move on and learn to come up with something new. Don’t regret. Every single experience matters and this is exactly what would make you an amazing person and all this stuff that you do now in your 20 something will be worth recollecting when you are 60 years old.

Be crazy. There is nothing wrong being crazy in your own way.


Just remember one last thing: Don’t give the key of your happiness to someone who does not understand you.

InExAcT as always.

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