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For The Love Of My Life… ‘B’ – From the diary of a reminiscing girlfriend

Warning!: This is not a romantic flick, yes, NOT a romantic flick…proceed with caution.

For The Love of My Life- B

It was just another day in this anjaan city, that was far away from the hustling city of Nawabs -My Hyderabad. Weekends no longer meant idli sambar for breakfast and a cup of warm irani chai. Evenings were lost in nooks of the university, engulfed in darkness and as each student faded into a state of obscurity, I fell asleep on the floor, imagining the finger licking, utterly delicious “ram ki bandi ka dosa”.

Ever since, I stepped into this country, (for those who do not know, I am referring to the U.S.A), I found the meaning of first love. Love which was growing leaps and bounds each passing day. This love was in its purest form. I now understood the pros and cons of being in a long distance relationship. Distance grows the love fonder they said…and I sat there staring at the bright blue sky wondering, when did a girl like me fall so madly in love. Love to me, sounded complicated, but now that I wake up each weekend, I look forward to meeting the love of my life. My heart skips a heartbeat every time I enter his abode. It only took seconds for his scent to replace the air in the room. As he came closer, I filled my lungs with his smell and let it enter my bloodstream. They said, “Don’t worry Sheekha, you’d know when your prince charming arrives, his smell would make you want him right then and there.” I could see all the lines from Nicholas Spark’s novels dancing in front of me, mocking me for not believing those love filled quotes. For a second, I also saw Karan Johar in the corner laughing at me for not appreciating his filmy, romantic movies filled with unreal scenes. (Common now, who wears a plain chiffon saree and dances on a mountain when it is fu***ng -13 degrees Celsius???)

I was flushed with the memories triggered by the scent that had a strong emotional connection. I want you in the worst way, I thought, your taste, scent and feel of your skin next to mine. I felt tingly and electric as he came closer to me. I could now see him and couldn’t wait to feel him. I wasn’t afraid anymore. I wanted to let go. I wanted to brush my lips against his. ‘Go ahead Sheekha, you’ve been wanting this all week’, said an inner voice. I saw him right there in front of me and I wished someone played “Bhutto” in the background. I wanted to jump and dance like nobody watched me. I had worked hard all week to meet him and now that I did, I couldn’t believe how much I missed him. We were best pals back in Hyderabad and all those memories flashed back as we sat together at the table. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I moved towards him, losing control, swooped by the smell, the taste and the flavors. “Waaaahhhh Waahhhh Waaahhhh…!!!!!”, I whispered, my mouth full with a big bite of scrumptious, luscious, delectable and amazing Chicken Biryani drowned in mirchi ka salan. I licked the spoon as if I was a hungry, desolate and malnourished child. “Biryani, I love you”, I told him and took another tasty bite and missed Hyderabad for the millionth time in my head.

😉 😀 😉

P.S: Biryani is and will be the love of my life till the day I lose all my teeth. 😉 😉 😀


InExAcT as always.

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